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PostSubject: CF DASH KIT MC   Wed Mar 28, 2007 10:21 pm

Well, they make this kit up fresh! it takes 10 days at least. I missed that on their web site. Anyhow it came today and took about 2 hours to install, most of that time was removing my Carbon fiber Contact Mod, and cleaning. The stuff is high quality and packaged pretty good, I found the instructions AFTER I installed it. They were on back of layout sheet. Anyhow, pretty easy, yea some rough spots, 3m Grips 1st time so no second chance. Fit, place, rip backing off, stick, press. Done.

Ok this is a shot of the whole gammit, Man, I can't say how many pieces there were, they said it was a 37 piece kit but I lost count at 42. And I had 3 left over! Notice trim around vent to left of vent, Pretty detailed! Almost too much!

I was pretty amazed they included all this, Look around even the 4X4 Control. And the glove box. I had to relocate my Lev-o-gage.
And some other stuff.

In this shot you can see the 4X4 better and they got all the cup holder and a LOT of the shifter area! Way more than other kits! They even gave me a part for below the heater controls. Quite impressed! You can see a tad of the steering wheel trim too.

THis is a good dash shot that shows the coverage of the door controls. And not seen is the panel behind where you open the door, that flat part, it's also covered. And you may see some other things. The panels below and left and right of steering is covered too.

Look at that Shifter and console coverage! And how do you start that X?
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