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PostSubject: Brakes   Fri Mar 30, 2007 8:31 am

I guess this would go here. But anyways, I posted it on the last site and when I went to check it, it was down... so here goes again.

Driving down the road a few months ago, I slam on the brakes when some idiot pulls out in front and my X doesnt stop. The ABS works of course as the brakes did not lock up, but the pedal goes to the floor so I let off and step on it again... same thing. I take it to the dealer and they spend 2 days on it. They told me they bled the system and everything should be fine now. While driving home I decide to test it and see if it changes. On a side street at 45 mph I slam on the brakes, pedal doesnt go to the floor and the vehicle stops.

A few weeks ago it did the same thing. I also noticed my master cylinder reservoir is low, but no visible signs of leaks. The dealer did their same procedure and also could not find any leaks. I did notice however that my front rotors are heating up pretty hot as well as my rears. On a recent trip to Vegas, after driving the vehicle for a number of miles then trying to stop... it sucks! So I am guessing it is the pads and rotors that are crap. I am looking at replacing them soon, depending on if I can find a decent set that will last.

Anyone else upgraded their braking system? I'm sticking with the stock 16" wheels so no big brake upgrades for me. Also this same thing happened to my dads 06 pathy and my moms 06 titan... faulty Nissan engineering?? Either way all 3 vehicles are getting brake upgrades this year, my factory pads suck.
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