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 Air Up anytime!

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PostSubject: Air Up anytime!   Sun Apr 01, 2007 9:57 am

With Ideas I got from people here, I came up with this mod. A CO2 Tanks is faster yes, But will you always have it? This is bolted to the floor, It will be there, it's amazingly strong for it's price. I'm running air for a horn, air bags, and I hope lockers someday.

Remove the seat of 05 X , Bolt Tsunami Air from pep Boys ($60) in location below. (Fuel and brakes lines run on top of frame below so be careful) Extend Air guage with line that will reach pass doors for visability while airing up. Run good heavy power to kick panel and connect.

Re install seat. Coil up extender, connect air hose and she's ready to air up after trail. This sucker really blows and thanks to members of this site for the tip on where to buy!

I also plan a tank Possibly in/behind SHROCKWORKS front bumper. OR I might use the spare tire! Ever seen that done?

I will most likely have a Co2 tank for real off roading but this way I can make my own air any time should I get caught with my air down. (pun)

Update, I've used the crap out of this and no whinning. I also got some air line that hooks up to the spare and That can be used as a low pressure tank, I only go up to 85lbs with a steel rim, and truck tire. Ya take the stem out for more volume. works good. They say you can go like 150 but I am a chicken, and I don't need to anyways since I can pump it up anytime.

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Air Up anytime!
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