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 In Cabbin Micro filter change out. (Cheap)

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PostSubject: In Cabbin Micro filter change out. (Cheap)   Sun Apr 01, 2007 10:06 am

I searched several forums for How to on this. One forum someone said, Man this is such a Bitch! I was like screw it, let the dealer do it. Then I saw Dealer wants $79 to remove and install. I got filters from YourNissanParts.com for CHEAP! (Like $25) and did it myself with B Slaters PM'ed instructions.... in 30 seconds or less. $ave yourself the cash, DIY, the dealers should be ashamed for charging so much.

There are two filters that come in one pack, they are split so that they can fit into small hole. MC

B Slater PM'ed,
Ok this I can explain, because it isn't too bad.
1. Open the lower glove box.
2. Squeeze the sides of the lower glovebox until the pins pop out of the guides and keep rotating the glove box down. (It took more force than I figured it would to push in the sides of the glovebox.)
3. Once the glovebox is rotated out of the way (Which you probably have noticed everything in the lower glovebox is now on the floor) you can see where the cabin air filters are.
4. The filters are located almost on top of the blower motor near the passenger front side.
5. You will see a screw that looks like it holds a cover on which needs to be removed (Mine didn't have the screw in there for some odd reason)
6. You push on the tab to the right of where the screw was and the access door should come off. Then you will see the 2 filters in there. 1 filter is hidden off to the right but there is 2 in there. Remove and install with Airflow arrows DOWN. (No matter how they were)
7. That is it.

Thanks to B Slater for these Instructions - Tested by MC Work great!
Experience is a tough way to learn, because you get the test first...and the lesson afterwards
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In Cabbin Micro filter change out. (Cheap)
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