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 Stereo Faceplate Cover By MC

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PostSubject: Stereo Faceplate Cover By MC   Sun Apr 01, 2007 10:17 am

Trouble with an aftermarket Stereo is, that it will fit someone Else's car, and they may want it if they see it. Smash and Grab! To hide that stereo or whatever (GPS) you installed or make the factory one look a little more hidden, here is my Mod.

You go to a dollar store and buy a plastic notebook. Now, Figure the size you want. Take the binder out and cut to size. You want to leave the Binder corner in place, (The back part) This is important because you will need this edge to insert into the crack in front of the tray above the stereo. Pictured here is what I have done in the process.

You end up with a section that is flat and has a corner and the edge that fits into the crack at the top of the stereo where the tray meets the dash above the stereo, I start it with the corner and once you get that in the rest follows. Once you do it, it takes just a second to do it again. I have the part that fits into that cut to about 3/16th of an inch, too short and it won't stay and will be hard to install, too long and it won't go in. Start at 1/4 inch on that part and trim down. This is what it looks like installed.

And once you get it to fit you can cover it with a contact material of your choice, vinyl maybe carpet, decals, you decide. Here, for that factory look and to make it match my CF dash I used CF and a Nissan emblem and a piece of door trim to the bottom for weight to hold bottom down.

I always install this when parked in strange places, my whole system is hidden this way, they don't want what they can't see. But I think it looks cool too. You can operate the stereo with it on just by lifting it.

Note 1. Use a heat gun to add a curved shape if needed to it.
Note 2. Be sure your CD does not get ejected with cover on, it may strip the gear on some models.
Note 3. I have used this method to create many parts such as a sun-shield that fits into same slot to darken the screen on stereo and DVD's Also a cover for center over winch on a Shrockworks bumper, a lot can be done with a $1 plastic notebook.

I have used my for over a year and 25K miles no ill effects.

Another how to by MC
I take the time so you save the dime.
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Stereo Faceplate Cover By MC
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