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 ABS OFF switch Input updated!

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PostSubject: ABS OFF switch Input updated!   Sun Apr 01, 2007 10:27 am

UPDATE! Old MC has DONE this mod!

1st What it is.

It is only a switch for the ABS circuit so that you have control of the ABS in a situation that you may want it off. A case in point would be on a deep decent covered in loose (Whatever) turning off the ABS will lock the brakes and allow a wedge of debris to form in front of the tires and slow or stop the vehicle faster. You will turn this on and off as needed. You should know that the ABLS/VDC is also defeated when the ABS is off as it uses the ABS to increase traction and stability. (Also for doing donuts in parking lots and clowning around like you should not be)

I found this mod on Page 73 of the Oct 2006 Four Wheeler Magazine.
They also have a Locker MOD here is a link. If I had a Locker I would do this also. http://www.fourwheeler.com/projectbuild/129_0605_2005_nissan_nismo_frontier/

OK I did it. But it took more than an hour. The guys at Four Wheeler sure are fast! Their article was a good Idea, no real world directions. This article will fix that.

Note, You will be taking the dash apart while doing this MOD If you don't know how, search other threads like Stereo removal and such to work your way through it. This is not for the meek. But anyone can do it. Just will take longer for less experienced.

Here's about what you need.

The radio shack Blade connectors DO NOT work. I hacked a fuse in half and soldered the wires to the metal parts, this is only way it would work. Use shrink-tube on the ends to prevent a short (pictured later)
You will need the grommet, some silicone to seal where the wire enters grommet. You may need more, but this is what I used, missing is 2 COVERED blade connectors that connect the switch pictured on the switch later. I show a switch here and indicator lights that I did not need. I like these switches because you can make them any color of the 4.

First get 10 to 12 ft of quality wire. Install the mini fuse holder on one end then Snap a mini fuse in half remove the plastic and solder one blade to each wire on the end with the fuse holder. Keeping the blade straight with the wire. Look at the picture that shows how it plugs in. If it is bent, or has sloppy solder work on it, it may not fit. Put shrink tube on the ends to cover all but the part of the blade that normally is not covered. (so the two do not make contact when plugged into the location) Set the wire aside.

Now you are ready, two clips hold this box on, don't be a Bruno, press the clips and lift it off. (You tear something up and I am going to be pissed!)

OK, this white panel also has clips, my thumb is near one, you press both, and lift this white panel up. Don't man handle it too bad. Now, I pick this spot to put my hole, you follow or pave your own way. I'm not explaining my whys. (well, maybe) As you can see, I drill holes in plastic with a Dremel and a stone cone bit. Again. Do what you want or with what you have. I'm not explaining my whys but stone bits don't dive through firewalls and wires, plus it's a neat precise hole made to any size.

Now. install the grommet into the hole you drilled. Poke the wire into the hole (The will be switched end) pull all the wire but the last 10" or so. Install your wire loom and run the wire across the firewall to the driver side grommet location. Now from the interior driver side floor, look up at about where the steering tube goes through the firewall, That rubber grommet about 2" round is where you cut a 3/4 in slice and poke this wire through. Go inside and pull about 5 feet inside. A coat hanger poked from inside may speed the precess by taping the wire to it.
Here the wire is shown coming through the fuse box, it has a grommet on it and it is sealed with Marine grade above below water line silicone. (Overkill)

OK, now, the wire and fuse holder is dropped to the bottom of the fuse box as it will go under the white panel and come up. This keeps it out of the way and acts as a drip loop. Replace the white panel and plug the spade ends into the ABS fuse slot. Install the Mini fuse you took out into the mini fuse holder. I use mini so as to retain factory fuse sizes, again, follow me or do your own thing with what you have.
The bottom one is the one that gets the fuse as it carries the power. (It does matter)

Here's what an MC job looks like when done, Notice the yellow zip tie to let Nissan know some jackass was in here? And notice clear ABS Bypass label for someone who is more a Jackass than that to know what the hell have done? A lesson in communication.
Always try to leave a trail so either you know what has been done or someone troubleshooting knows what you have done. I use the Yellow zip ties and other means. It catches their eye and zones them in on your work in case they need to check it out on a troubleshoot.

Now we are on the inside, Yes there is wire loom on this wire, just not seen. What I do want you to see is that the blade connectors are not bare! These wires will be hot all the time except when the ABS is turned OFF and then one wire is still HOT. Point is, don't leave bare blades
up in there to short out and possibly fry your ABS Controller. (can we say Big Bucks?) Install a switch of your choice in your choice of location. Follow me or make your own way.

Lets drill that hole for MY location. (get your kid to make a drill noise here, No kids, DIY)

MC choose a Carbon Fiber switch to match the CF dash kit. I had to invert the switch to make it work on this application and cut the index tab because I want it always on and when I flip switch up, it deactivates the ABS. (OFF breaking the circuit) If you don't understand this, don't worry,
if you are not using this type of switch you don't have to! When my switch is down, power is going to the ABS Thus ABS working normally.

In this picture you will notice I have the ABS turned off, Notice the BRAKE, SLIP 4X4, and ABS Lights lit up? This is because I have deactivated the ABS... 1st time you hit brakes after deactivation, all this lights up Letting you know you have full OFF ROAD LOCK UP BRAKES! Old School style! Whoooooooo!

I have tested this out, it sets no codes, it works just fine and is a good functional cheap MOD that anyone can do that has the know how and tools. So, have at it. It's simple, but it took more time than I thought, but my garage is a total ridiculous mess way over due for a serious cleaning and organizing. I haven't cleaned it since I got the X because I am doing sheeeet like this!

*You may need more than 12 ft of wire depending on your switch location. This location takes 10 Feet.
*Any 2 pole switch rated for 10 Amps 12V will do. No relay!
*Locate switch that it can be turned on and off in a panic. That is when you will be using it!
* It is common that the Air Bag light will come on after messing with the battery or dash (Such as disconnecting the Passenger Air bag light) If this Happens go to How To section and follow Air Bag Light Shut Off thread.
*You can totally bypass this mod by just re-installing the 10 AMP ABS fuse in place of the two fabricated wires. If you ever have ABS problems do this so that this MOD is not a factor in diagnosis.
*This post was updated to reflect the info from posts below.
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ABS OFF switch Input updated!
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