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 285 75 16 Making them fit melt Mod by MC

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PostSubject: 285 75 16 Making them fit melt Mod by MC   Sun Apr 01, 2007 11:04 am

OK you bought the big tires what is that noise? Well, if you are going to buy the big tires do this Mod 1st. ( I have but do not recomend the 285's for over weight (82 lbs on rim) and MPG Loss. Stock tire is 62 On rim)

Remove the wheel. (Using a jack stand and good safety measures)
Now get a BFH = a Big F Hammer.
OK there is a lip where the fender metal makes the corner and comes into the inside fender about 1.5 inches. You can kinda see where it is it you look up from the top screw with washer. You want to tap that edge from thin inside fender well towards the outside, just enough to bend it a bit, you are bending the inside LIP not the Outside, don't even go near that, You will be tapping the black plastic. You only need to tap it back like 1/8th an inch. You can skip this part if you want but it makes it rub less.

OK Now, About where you see the nylon push fastener, that is the area that will rub. It kinda sticks out there.
The best way to do this is with a heat gun because hot air is less likely to burn anything or catch it on fire. But a torch will work. Be careful.
Take a hammer and using the metal end heat and apply pressure to this area (the part that obviously sticks out) You melt it until it collapses in, then hold it there and remove heat until it stays in on it's own.
You will have to do it a few times in different spots. Takes 5 min. Nothing is behind that you can hurt.

I have large washers on mine because I did not do this MOD before I bought my tires and on the way home it cracked the screw holes and that was my fix. These holes are pretty lame.

Now notice the bottom black thing? It is one of those nylon push in fasteners you see a lot of on trim panels and so forth, Need to see an example? Under the hood one holds your washer neck to the Radiator tank. You can find these in the help section of Parts stores or At Lowes in Hardware, automotive fasteners.
This bottom hole (Screw) will rub the most, So, I just omitted it and hold the inner fender well to the inside lip with this fastener. It works great! I should do the rest like that! ?? All ya do is buy them, drill the hole to size (Nothing is back there - point drill towards center of vehicle slightly when drilling) then just push it in! Buy a few as sometimes they break when removing. But that's how to MOD your inner fender to take the Fat stuff! MC
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285 75 16 Making them fit melt Mod by MC
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