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 Shackle Anti Slap Mod by MC

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PostSubject: Shackle Anti Slap Mod by MC   Sun Apr 01, 2007 11:11 am

This is what most shackles look like, sloppy, loose and making noise and jacking up your new Shrockworks bumper! Shame shame shame.

This is what they look like after the MC Glad hand washer MOD, The red one is urethane, it can be done but PITA. Notice though 2 on one side one on thread side. Painted with any paint suited for plastic, I used Krylon. It has special adhesive promoters.

You want the used rubber cheap Glad hand washers, (not the urethane) they are rubber washers that go in the glad hands on truck air lines. If you know a truckdriver, they can get you some, you need 3 each shackle. OR get Rubber washers from a plumbing dept.
It's kind of a bear to install, takes some force, but you will get it. You put the bolt through and stretch a glad hand washer on, Maybe two, sometimes I cut one in half (Dangerous, be careful)

Then you install it on the location, put another washer on, push the bolt through while turning it so the washer catches the thread,

The Bonus is, If you crank it down the rubber creates resistance so they are not easily ganked (Stolen) Crank en and try it. You'll see.

and you done it! Ain't that tight!

The best part is, they look good, don't bang or rattle, and when you rig you can stick em straight out while rigging. They will always go back to where they are but move normally under a load.
Also found on the ground free at places they do truck maintenance.
What they look like installed! I used 1 for rear and 2.5 for front.
Someone else found a similar washer called a shank washer in plumbing that looks even better and you can find at Home Depot or Lowes, Bring your shackle bolt with you and find the size! I use these because they are free, free is good. I also use them under skids as a spacer on T case rear, and when mounting a hi Lift to keep it tight and isolate the noise.

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Shackle Anti Slap Mod by MC
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