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 Bleed Air out of the cooling system.

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PostSubject: Bleed Air out of the cooling system.   Sun Apr 01, 2007 6:30 pm

Get a water sloshing noise in your X? May be Air in the system....
Air in the system, Cold, Park on level surface, Take off the radiator cap. Start with heater set to cold, let it run and come up to temp. Add green rad fluid in a 50 50 mix to the radiator, even if it looks ok try to get some in there. It's really got to get warm, let it idle a while with the lid off, Turn the inside heat all the way up, blow the fan... some air might come out, bubble a bit, top it off, fill recovery tank to spec (Says full hot to here) Now put cap on radiator. It really has to come up to temp for it to work. May take a second try another day. The sound you hear is the system struggling to equalize but it can't because of the air in it. Letting it run with cap off lets the air out. There is a bleeding process but this should work. MC
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Bleed Air out of the cooling system.
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