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 OIL F&R Diff Lube Change. By MC

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PostSubject: OIL F&R Diff Lube Change. By MC   Thu Apr 26, 2007 5:43 am

Before you begin, make sure you have 3 Qts of Gear oil, and the washers, (Nissan won't have em, NAPA can match em up.) and be sure you have the tools to deal with the plugs, I have every tool in the book and this one had me at the store 1st time I did it. OR people are in better luck, you just need a Square drive. C200's use 2 different Allen's.

1st, the factory fluid is pretty good stuff, 2nd, don't waste too much time changing your Front diff fluid and certainly don't go too far beyond the 1st change interval of 30K. This should give you an idea what you are hiding in there, BOTH looked like this! Front was worse,

I'll say this is normal for a first time change, but I did not like it, especially since the fluid the factory uses is good stuff. This is junk wiped off plug with a sterile medical tissue.

Got your attention? Bad things going on in there!
This is where you start, it is front Diff Drain plug.

This is how I drain oil, I am using a clear zip lock bag so you can see, but leftover Wal Mart shopping bags will work for the thrifty, I like this method because I can take a good look at the oil by using a light shining through the bag and use a magnet overnight. (let you guess)

Time to fill er up. Our X takes weird size Allen's to remove plugs but no size i just grabbed one. Fill and drain are different. D44 Is different from C200 shown later.

Lots of talk about how to fill, that tool is in boat supplies or available from Amsoil, They even make em to fit the drain plug so you can force fluid in on a bad pinion angle. This works fine.

So you get the idea I illustrate for you, Black Rad hose is Diff fill hole, pump goes in new oil and when you pump it fills! Easy stuff!

In action for real!

Put the plug back in, Yea yea yea Use a new washer at $4.50 each, I'd just buy the drain one and RTV the fill one at that price, I did.

Torque to Muzikman's spec. (go look, I did)
As many times as things go wrong, you will never believe what showed up as I was doing the front Diff? Amazing! My Oil! Right on time as I had the Front Diff skid off! Made it easy to do this How to for ya!

Warm up the car, Little Oil flush, and drain, Again I use the zip lock bag, yes the plug falls into it, but i use a magnet to bring it to top of the bag FROM THE OUTSIDE of the bag. (No get oil on magnet)

Oh! There is that zip lock bag in use again keeping oil off my skids and catching that oil filter, You loosen it first by hand and run it off and let er drain! (People have asked me how I do this.) Pictures!

I also clean the surface with brake cleaner where filter rests.

Properly installed New Crush washer, (Don't skip this step) It spins on easy as shown.

Add your New Filter, you don't need that picture, Add in proper oil amount and test for leaks. OH! I covered my Rear, Shrockworks style so now I have to fill it Amsoil style! You use what you want. I use what Pro's use. Severe Gear!
This is Rear Drain, No removing Diff skid! Now that was Think'in!

That Dam Oil Bag again! You guys catching on yet? I have 4 bags now, I know what came out of each and I can see the amount! If it was drained into a pan what can I see? (I do have a pan handy for overflow.

Yech! The rear Junk!

You can kinda see the metal huh?

This is not by the book, but how I do mine, clean, Use some High Temp Silicone and run er in! See if water or rust can get past that!

The rear is not so hard to fill, I use this puppy! It has on, off, a cap at the end, a tube, it measures, and I have no idea where I got it! LOL

Oh! Yea yea yea, I am jacked up too, I do this to get all the fluid in, works perfect, as in it took all that it called for! 1.6 Qts?

To get your capacities and suggested lubes go here:
http://www.amsoil.com/ click on a box like this:

And do your build sheet print it and use whatever Lube you so desire! I'm not selling Amsoil I am buying it! But if you buy it also use my dealer No of ZO 1447837 Or someones dealer number you know! But if you don't use Amsoil, you will have to do it again sooner. Maybe that is your plan.

See ya on the trail, THE END....
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OIL F&R Diff Lube Change. By MC
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